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To swiftly seal punctures, get environmental-friendly Tyre Sealants such as Automobile Tyre Sealant, Car Tyre Sealant.

Puncture in tyre is one of the major problems for automobile drivers. Caring for drivers and protecting tyres of all types of automobile like car, scooter, bike and scooty, Refresh Global was established in the year 2015. We are manufacturer and supplier by nature. Our area of specialization is production of Automobile Tyre Sealant, Car Tyre Sealant and Puncture Sealant. Our offered sealant protects puncture in both tube and tubeless tyres. In all cases, from minimal to major puncture from sharp objects are protected by our sealants. To pack our offered range of sealants, we use pressurized can which can be easy opened and closed. Ever since our formation, we have been caring for not only packing but also for quality because it is quality first that impresses clients. To maintain quality, we are using right glues, adhesives and powders. We have an advanced unit for manufacturing. Our unit is located in Dwarka, New Delhi. Besides, by ensuring employment of well experienced and skilled professionals, we are capable of carrying out production and other tasks on time, with accuracy. Each of the team member follows the principles of team work, honesty as well as focuses on product quality.

Our Production Facility

Quality production of tyre sealant has always been on our priority list which is why we have developed advanced production house. We have technology updated mixing, quality testing and other machines fitted in our production house. Using installed machines, we produce 20,000 Litre of Automobile Tyre Sealant, Car Tyre Sealant and Puncture Sealant.

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

At Refresh Global, we feel proud to have been following total quality management in production of sealants as a result of which we have received ISO certificate from quality standards maintaining authority. ISO certificate is not easy to get as companies have to outperform and maintain quality at all levels of production. But we, having strong quality management and company-devoted employees, are able to maintain quality at all the levels of manufacturing.

Features Of Our Sealants

Our offered Car Tyre Sealant and Puncture Sealant are best featured for the following:
  • Uses in all vehicles from cars to scooters
  • Reduction in maintenance cost of tyre
  • Find use in pre and post puncture of tyre
  • Works as a guard for air loss
  • Enhances the service life of tyre
  • Work as a tyre coolant, making tyre more durable
  • Is environmental friendly and biodegradable
  • Contributes in making ride hassle and tension free